Does the Penis Extender Work?

This post is for men who are looking for the best possible procedure to increase the length of their penises. The following text is about adding significant length to the penis with minimal risk and cost.

As we all know, the penis comes in a variety of sizes and the average size is about 5.5 inches. Some guys are big, some are small, and yet others are average. Whatever your size, there are several methods that are able to increase your size but only one does so in the best possible way. What I’m referring to is the penis extender.

sizegenetics extender

With a good quality penis extender you can add literally inches over the course of a few months. These devices are second to none in creating permanent increases in length that so many men are after these days.

The extender recommended by doctors is made by SizeGenetics. This is a superior penis extending unit that offers comfort and results. It is made to rigorous standards and could possibly be the best way to go. There are other extenders available such as MaleEdge and Jes Extender but SizeGenetics is tops and should be considered before all others.

SizeGenetics is superior because it is made of high-grade materials and was developed for medical professionals for use on their patients.

The strap system this particular extender is the best on the market. It offers you the most comfort and can be fitted in many different ways in order to accommodate every man. It can be attached with a noose type strap, Velcro, or a wide flexible strap. The preferred method is by attaching the noose but this can be tailored to your liking.

The whole system is geared to make it very easy to add size to your penis. Every piece in the SizeGenetics package is there when you need it so that you can continue penis enlargement without interruption. Many men prefer this system because of that reason and they claim that it has been worth the added cost over other such systems.

sizegenetics extender device

You will have to wear the extender for several hours per week if you want to see results. The nice thing is that you will hardly notice that you are wearing this device. It is just that comfortable. You will typically only feel a slight tugging on your penis but there should be no discomfort.

It seems that this device is only sold online and it is usually best to buy it from reputable sources. Many websites sell similar systems that claim to be SizeGenetics but they are counterfeit and should be avoided. To buy from the source please see the following website ( and they will direct you to the manufacturer so that you can get the real deal. Only the real SizeGen extender is guaranteed and has been clinically tested to deliver fantastic results.

If you are serious about adding 1 or more inches to your penis then this is the way to go. Don’t waste your time with pills or other such nonsense because they will only help achieve better erections. Only an extender can add permanent length and the difference most men see is worth the time and expense.

Four Points To Penile Training Success

Penis enhancement physical exercise courses are amongst the soundest ways of maximizing the dimensions of your penis given that you receive your training guidance from long proven, trustworthy places just like (see a Penis Advantage review here).

When you’re thinking about accomplishing something such as all-natural penile enhancement workout routines, you should know in advance what benefits to count on. Together with the proper expectations along with the correct attitude, entering this course, you’ll probably be more content and much more pleased with the final results of your respective effort.

1. You Must Get It Done

Something you should anticipate when you are performing all-natural male organ workout plans would be to really workout. As opposed to supplements and medical procedures which are much more dangerous which assure benefits with no work on your behalf, physical exercise courses will need you to dedicate serious amounts of energy into performing these workouts. Also compared with supplements and surgical procedures, physical exercise plans will probably be genuine and provide you with long-term success. It might take a minimum of two weeks prior to getting to discover the very first outcomes of your time and effort.

2. Outcomes Are Everlasting

As an advantage, you can anticipate male organ exercising outcomes to lead to lasting improvements to the male member. Here is the benefit of male organ physical exercise over other approaches like pumps in which, to carry on to take pleasure from the final results, you have to continue using these devices or surgical procedures which might need follow up treatments. And because you are stirring a number of regions of the penis, additionally you boost their other features, giving you plenty of extra gains.

3. Count on Extra Gains

Many of the associated rewards that originate from male enhancement workouts consist of much better blood circulation. We are all aware that whenever blood flow in that area is extremely good, you will have more solid and much better hard-ons. Greater endurance and command over your orgasms is usually accomplished via male organ workouts. Consequently, you will have the ability to hold back your ejaculations for a longer time, which ought to do amazing things for both you and your partner’s delight and fulfillment.

4. One to three Inches Within Just Three to Twelve months

With regards to enhancements in dimensions, do you know the sensible figures to anticipate? Without doubt males could have various final results which depends on their dedication and just how they are made physically. We now have accounts of males experiencing 1/2″ inch improvement as soon as 14 days of working out, and 1-3 in . inside of 1 year of performing male member workout routines. Apart from a rise in length, they have also observed a boost in the thickness as well as in the power superiority their erection quality.

Excellent Results With ProExtender

The Pro-extender idea was developed back in 1994 by a urology doctor named Jorn Siana. What doctor Siana had developed was an efficacious penis lengthening product that would be usable to all guys for a small cost and as a reliable system of enhancement. Being a guaranteed product, the proextender enlarger gives one the peace of mind that it is a safe and high caliber item.

This method is one of the finest lengthening systems to be had. Reports by individuals who have purchased and used the gadget demonstrate that this system is proven to work. Males have worn this system for many hours without having any irritation or chaffing that one may receive with lesser devices. We witness similar systems come onto the commercial scene and then shortly vanish generally because they aren’t up to the lofty standards of the Proextender product.


The Basic Proextender System

This product is among a number of such products that can be purchased for the purpose of phallus enlargement. Various medical trials have been carried out on this system and they have in the end given it a stamp of recommendation. It was the double padding on the Proextender which has allowed it to be so comfy and pain free while also allowing it to pass all medical standards. The cushioning is a significant design characteristic in this product. Since it has become a requirement on penis lengthening products, dual padding will solely be found on the better quality products. Single padded units are often harder to endure for lengthy time spans. There is usually no pain or soreness involved when the Proextender is appropriately attached to the penis even after hours of lasting usage.

While surgery can be a quick means of phallus lengthening, it is frequently very risky and costly. Proextender can be much better choice since the degree of endangerment and trouble is trifling. Professionals have approved this lengthener because of its first-rate design which makes it practically annoyance free to utilize. This device might assist to increase your dimensions which may contribute to much more intimate gratification.

If you choose the Pro extender product then you can be certain that one will have everything that you require for overall penis lengthening. A penis exercise plan is included as is a supplement that may lead to bigger erections and improved semen volume. If you need to preserve money, you may just purchase the extender apparatus by itself because that is all you honestly require to get started. The supplementary products that the organization offers are merely extras.

You see that you are getting something of high caliber when it comes in a case as fine as the one Proextender comes with. All of the parts of the device are contained within this case so that everything is secure when not being used. What other product is as effortless to utilize as the penis traction device. One just has to attach the unit during their everyday routine in order to experience results. No surgery and no recurrent stretching exercises. Proextender is a stimulating member extending system to be sure. A few men do not know why the units are colored white. As a certified medical mechanism, this item is made to medical specifications and is colored to represent that fact. In order to accommodate a wide assortment of penis sizes, the lengthening unit can be made longer or shorter using supplementary rods that come with the device. Not surprisingly, this is a somewhat standard extender and with reasonable use it ought to present the desired results.

bathmate review

Bathmate Hydro Pump Results

Hey guys, I used the Bathmate penis pump for 1 month and I want to let you know the results!

I ordered my Bathmate Hercules online directly from the manufacturer. I felt safer doing that because you ever know about some of these other sites. I saw it for sale cheaper but the sites where very shady looking so I bought it where I felt like my credit card or something was not going to get stolen!

Anyway, I received my new Bathmate Hercules in the mail and I was pleasantly surprised at how cool it looks! That was my first impression and I hoped that it worked as well as it looked!

Bathmate Hercules

My next step was to try it out as soon as I could. That night I read the booklet that came with it and also kept in mind a few things that I read online in some other Bathmate reviews. So now it was time to give my penis a good pump and see if the Bathmate could live up to all the hype.

Using this thing could not have easier. It’s really a breeze to put on and get going. I only had to pump it 4 times before I felt my thingy getting all big! Soon I had a massive erection and was only able to leave the pump on for about 5 minutes. Frankly it was a bit of a turn on! However, my main reason for buying the Bathmate was to make my penis bigger in all respects.

The first day was pretty good I must say. I then began using it at least 4 times per week. After the second week I was able to leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes and my penis was getting much fatter and longer too.

I only used the penis pump with water because I read that that is the best way to do it. At the end of the first month I was very happy with the results. My penis is noticeable bigger and it hangs down more than before.

I recommend the Bathmate Hercules to anyone thinking about getting a penis pump or wanting to get bigger erections, etc. This is much more than a toy and it has given me real results that I cannot dispute!