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Does the Penis Extender Work?

This post is for men who are looking for the best possible procedure to increase the length of their penises. The following text is about adding significant length to the penis with minimal risk and cost.

As we all know, the penis comes in a variety of sizes and the average size is about 5.5 inches. Some guys are big, some are small, and yet others are average. Whatever your size, there are several methods that are able to increase your size but only one does so in the best possible way. What I’m referring to is the penis extender.

sizegenetics extender

With a good quality penis extender you can add literally inches over the course of a few months. These devices are second to none in creating permanent increases in length that so many men are after these days.

The extender recommended by doctors is made by SizeGenetics. This is a superior penis extending unit that offers comfort and results. It is made to rigorous standards and could possibly be the best way to go. There are other extenders available such as MaleEdge and Jes Extender but SizeGenetics is tops and should be considered before all others.

SizeGenetics is superior because it is made of high-grade materials and was developed for medical professionals for use on their patients.

The strap system this particular extender is the best on the market. It offers you the most comfort and can be fitted in many different ways in order to accommodate every man. It can be attached with a noose type strap, Velcro, or a wide flexible strap. The preferred method is by attaching the noose but this can be tailored to your liking.

The whole system is geared to make it very easy to add size to your penis. Every piece in the SizeGenetics package is there when you need it so that you can continue penis enlargement without interruption. Many men prefer this system because of that reason and they claim that it has been worth the added cost over other such systems.

sizegenetics extender device

You will have to wear the extender for several hours per week if you want to see results. The nice thing is that you will hardly notice that you are wearing this device. It is just that comfortable. You will typically only feel a slight tugging on your penis but there should be no discomfort.

It seems that this device is only sold online and it is usually best to buy it from reputable sources. Many websites sell similar systems that claim to be SizeGenetics but they are counterfeit and should be avoided. To buy from the source please see the following website (www.sizedevelopment.com) and they will direct you to the manufacturer so that you can get the real deal. Only the real SizeGen extender is guaranteed and has been clinically tested to deliver fantastic results.

If you are serious about adding 1 or more inches to your penis then this is the way to go. Don’t waste your time with pills or other such nonsense because they will only help achieve better erections. Only an extender can add permanent length and the difference most men see is worth the time and expense.